Dodge Viper - Twin Turbo Unlimited Package


This is the no-nonsense pure power build.  Easily capable of 1,000 - 1500 rwhp , we start by building and blue printing your motor.  Add in our proprietary heads and cam, along with our custom twin turbo system we get every ounce of power out of your Viper.  And to keep it on the road, we finish it with stand alone engine management and traction control.  

This is your complete build.  The best parts, matched and tested to ensure they are perfectly speaks for itself in both quality and performance.

Call to discuss your specific Twin Turbo Viper Build.  

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A&C Twin Turbo System

  • Custom Built

  • Ball Bearing Turbos 

  • Ait to Water Intercooler System with Propietary Design

  • Stainless Custom Turbo Headers

  • Full Powdercoating in Black

  • V Band

  • Full Standalone ECU

  • Multiple Power levels


A&C Engine Build (Optional)
A&C Cylinder Heads  (Optional)