Gen 4/5 - 700+ RWHP Heads & Cam Package (2008 - 2017)


Our 700+ RWHP package for building the baddest naturally aspirated Gen 4/5 Viper is now out on the market.  This package is a track killer, never having to deal with heat soak that so many forced induction vehicles do, and requiring no changes in your rods or pistons.  We invested extensive amounts of time and money to bring you this combination.  Swapping to our custom cam, ported heads, ported matched intake manifold, and a few other options...all tuned completely using HP Tuners on your stock computer.  A Dynograph from this package can be found at the bottom of this page, along with a link to our YouTube videos (including a pull) on the left.


We can now offer the Gen 4/5 Viper owners an NA package that exceeds 700 RWHP on 91 Octane...with your stock computer.  Our power numbers were achieved including the headers and intake element mentioned in the options below.  Dynograph can be found below.  At this time, all parts of this package are only available as an installed package at our location in Southern California.  Call to reserve a spot for your Viper today!

A&C Cylinder Heads 

  • A&C Performance Custom Naturally Aspirated Camshaft 

  • A&C Performance Stage 3 Port and Polished Head

    • ​Shaved to increase compression

    • Custom Valves and Springs

  • A&C Performance Port Matched Intake Manifold


A&C Intake & Exhaust Options

  • American Racing Headers 1-3/4" T304 S/S with no cats & K&N Filter

    • + ​$3,000 - Optional - Installed


A&C Tuning

We use HP Tuners to get your Viper to maximum power while retaining great driveability.   All tuning is done on our Dyno Dynamics 224xlc, with additional road tuning done to ensure ideal driveability for each vehicle.  

We also encourage customers to provide elevation, octane / fuel type, and general conditions that they will be running their Viper in so the tune can be geared exactly to their application.


Additional Items 

  • Custom Length Crower One Piece Pushrods

  • All gaskets and fluids